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Spring fever

Catherine Janeczko

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Many people in the world get spring fever, they love warm weather and cant keep the feeling of the warm weather away. I personally got it really bad this year because I don’t like cold weather and I’m just so ready for spring and summer. For kids spring means that they can play outside more and just be outside in general. For parents it means kids out of their hair and also allergies. Spring fever is contagious but not in a bad way. You can spread it by getting other people excited of spring and the warm weather. Warmer weather means short sleeves, shorts, dresses, and you’re closer to summer, who doesn’t love summer?

Spring fever is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when the weather starts getting warmer. Some people just can’t hide how excited they are the spring has finally come and summers not that for behind. When someone has the fever there is no light fever you either have it or you don’t there isn’t an in-between. Having the fever can be an anodynes because all you can think about is how you want to be outside or how close it is the summer time.

I think it would be a good idea for students to have one class outside in the spring so they can enjoy the beauties of spring and claim the fever raging inside of them. Spring is here are you ready for it?

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