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Going in Style – Movie Review

Orlando Quintana

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Summary – Going in style is a movie about 3 elderly lifelong friends who worked for a company together for over 30 years. Suddenly, the company loses mass amounts of money and is cutting their pension program, which is these 3 friends’ primary source of income. Even though they were struggling to make ends meet anyway, they suddenly had no way to make ends meet. One of the friends gets an eviction notice from the bank, and when he goes to the bank to clarify the situation, the bank is robbed at gunpoint. This gives him the idea that he and his friends should live life to the fullest and rob the bank that their former company used, taking the money they believed was rightfully theirs. They meet with criminals and devise a plot to rob the bank supported by an intricate alibi that is eventually successful.


Review – This movie is absolutely hilarious. It stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin and the 3 friends are jokesters with all the witty sayings imaginable. They practice for robbing the bank on a grocery store in where they are stuffing as much merchandise in their clothing as they can and make the getaway in a motorized cart belonging to the store. The level of chaos and old man trickery makes for a very fun time. The intricacy of their alibi and their robber is genius and combined with a little luck makes for a successful, entertaining heist.


Overall Rating – 5/5

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