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How to: Prep for an AP Test

Emily Leibold, writer

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The Basics

Before the test make sure to get a good night sleep and eat good, fulfilling, nutritious meals. Make sure you know the test format. You can ask your teacher about format or visit the college board website to learn more.

“It is helpful to know how the test works instead of knowing exact information,” said junior Mark Nichols.

Lastly, take practice tests and attend study sessions your teacher may offer.


When to start studying?

Now! It is better to start studying as soon as possible instead of cramming right before the test.

“If you do everything in an extended period of time you are going to remember it better than if you cram it all into a week before the test,” said Nichols.


What to bring to the exam room?

Make sure you have a couple sharpened number two pencils, black or blue pens, a watch that does not have internet access, calculators (if you are taking the AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics), a ruler (if you are taking the AP Physics exam), your Social Security number, a photo ID and lastly, know your six-digit school code (lunch number).


AP Calculus

Tests on Tuesday, May 9th at 8am at Antioch Bible Baptist Church

AP Chemistry

Tests on Monday, May 1st at 8am at Maple Woods Community College

AP Comparative Government and Politics

Tests on Thursday, May 11th at 8am at Antioch Bible Baptist Church 

AP Language and Comp

Tests on Wednesday, May 10th at 8am at Antioch Bible Baptist Church

AP Government and Politics US

Tests on Thursday, May 4th at 8am at Maple Woods Community College

Mr. Edinger offers study sessions during the month of April during academic resource and Saturday sessions if students show an interest in having them.

“I think they’ll [AP Gov. students] do well,” said Mr. Edinger.


AP Music Theory

Tests on Monday, May 8th at Oak Park High School

Your exam will be digitally recorded and submitted to an AP Programmer


AP Psychology

Tests on Monday, May 1st at 12pm at Maple Woods Community College 

AP Statistics

Tests on Thursday, May 11th at 12pm at Antioch Bible Baptist Church 

AP Studio Art

Friday, May 5th is that very last day to turn in portfolios to the AP Program at Oak Park High School 

AP United States History

Tests on Friday, May 5th at 8am at Maple Woods Community College

11 out of 14 students in APUSH last year received college credit

Mrs. Pabon has been offering academic resource study sessions throughout the month of March and April. After school study sessions will begin on April 17th over specific time periods. She recommends to “practice, just practice for multiple choice and short answers.”

Junior Annie Bensyl took APUSH last year and received a four on her test.

“Reading the textbook and taking good notes over the textbook then going back over the textbook is really helpful,” Benzyl suggests.

AP World History

Tests on Thursday, May 11th at 8am Antioch Bible Baptist Church

Last year students “average score last year passed with a three” said Mr. Edinger, a former AP World teacher and current teacher of AP Government and Politics

When can scores be accessed?


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