Art Show Displays Months of Work

Mina Buchholz, wrier and photographer

When the art department began to prepare for their annual show, they certainly didn’t expect that they would lose a whole day of their time to prepare.


“As far as being able to begin the display process we have just a couple days. So losing Monday… was really tough. That means we [had] Tuesday and Wednesday to put together the entire show,” said Alison Myers, art teacher.


But the students worked tirelessly to put together the show despite the lost time. Photography, 3D, and 2D students donated artworks they had completed throughout the year.


“So the… art piece I have is from Photography, it’s of New York. I went to New York over the summer so I took a picture on the Empire State Building of the city and that’s what I used for the Geometric Shape [assignment],” said sophomore Rachel VanZandt of her contribution to the show.


Meanwhile, Art 1 students stayed after school to complete the ambitious project they had conceived of.


“They had to create an installation art piece. If you don’t know what that is, that’s where you’re creating an environment where the viewer has an experience of some kind. It’s not just a visual experience, it’s intellectual or emotional or interactive in some way. That’s what they’re doing on five giant canvases that are 5.5 ft by 8 ft,” said Myers.


Still more students donated class and after-school time to help put together the entire show.


“[We have to put up] the black paper, … get all the work on the boards, get all the things from the print shop that are printed, get them laminated, get them trimmed, … label every piece. It’s a lot,” Myers said.


The show ran for only one day, March 30. The event served not only as an art show but as an end-of-year celebration for the art department, with awards and letters being handed out.


“We begin preparing for the art show in August when school starts… [then] it’s up for one day and then it all comes down,” Myers said.