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Abigail Clapham, Axe Staffer

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As a junior in high school right now all I receive in the mail is college letters. From the biggest to the smallest population, from the east to west, some from even out of the country. They send you letters asking you to visit their campus telling you it’s the best one out there. Many students go on college visits their junior and senior year, our school even gives a few days off so kids can go on visits.


Personally, I wasn’t too interested in college and my future until I got a letter from University of Minnesota. All of the sudden I wanted to go to different campuses and finding out which college would fit me best. A few months after, my parents and I went up and went on an official college visit. I was able to find out I really liked the large campus feel, with lots of students. I learned more about what college is like and what the University of Minnesota has to offer.


Junior, Rachel Head, went on a college visit to Mizzou over spring break.

“I thought it was great! I liked how the campus was close to downtown so there is lot’s to do. If you don’t like a college with a lot of students then Mizzou is not for you. The student center was really cool”. – Head

Rachel is wanting to go on more college visits to Missouri State and Kansas state.

To all underclassman, jump ahead and start looking at colleges now so you can have a head start. Go on college visits, talk to college students, research schools your interested in, find the school that fits you.

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