J-Day Overview

Students attended the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association’s Journalism Day last week at the MU School of Journalism in Columbia, Mo. They competed in the state contest and attended many educational sessions.

Awards for the publications were rated by the MIPA judges based on a scale where All-Missouri is award to to the top 10% of competitors, then Superior, Excellent or Honorable Mention awards.  

Overall publications earned:

  • Cambia 2016, All-Missouri
  • The Axe, Superior for Announcements Only Show
  • The Northmen’s Log, Excellent
  • NorthmenNews, Excellent
  • The Axe, Honorable Mention for Announcements with Video Show

Individual students earned:

The AXE broadcast:

  • Sophomore Skyler Benjamin and senior Brett Felten, All-Missouri in Broadcast News Feature for “Food Trucks”
  • Seniors Allee Armitage and Max Gruschka, Excellent in Broadcast Sports Feature Story for “StOakTown heads to state as one team, not three”    
  • Seniors Allee Armitage and Max Gruschka, Honorable Mention in Broadcast News Story for “OP Unplugged”

The Northmen’s Log magazine:

  • Senior Bailee Treat, All-Missouri, Newsmagazine Page Design, “Table of Contents”
  • Senior Bailee Treat, Superior, Newsmagazine Page Design, “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em”
  • Sophomore Katherine Reyes, Superior, Sports Action Photo, “Basketball”
  • Senior Sarah White, Superior, Photo of the Year,  “October cover”
  • Senior Sarah White, Honorable Mention, Newsmagazine Feature Story,  “Capture the Moment”           

Cambia yearbook:

  • Junior Madlin Tutu, All-Missouri, Sports Action Photo, “Boys Soccer”  
  • Junior Sarah Horseman and senior Paige Borgeston, Superior, Yearbook Package, “Volleyball”
  • Junior Xoe Zuber, Superior, Photo of the Year, “Football”
  • Freshman Paige Scholdberg, Excellent, Sports Action Photo, “Wrestling”
  • Junior Madlin Tutu, Excellent, Sports Reaction Photo, “Boys Soccer”   
  • Juniors Xoe Zuber and Sarah Horseman, sophomore Corrie Roberts and senior Paige Borgeson, Excellent, Yearbook Package, “Spirit”
  • Freshman Parker Bensyl, sophomores Amira Nuur and Ashton Berry and junior Sarah Horseman, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Package, “Back to School”
  • Junior Sarah Horseman, Honorable Mention, Student Life Photo, “Assembly Hype”
  • Senior Nour Konda, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Girls Basketball”
  • Sophomores Amira Nuur and Ashton Berry, and senior Paige Borgeson, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Package, “Girls Tennis”
  • Juniors Madlin Tutu and Xoe Zuber, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Package, “AFS”
  • Junior Xoe Zuber, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Boys Swim”

NorthmenNews online:

  • Senior Sarah White, All-Missour, Photo of the Year,  “Portrait of a Sunflower”
  • Junior Dakota Ake, Superior, Online Feature Package, “Uncovering a Hidden Disease”
  • NorthmenNews staff, Superior, Social Media Reporting, @NorthmenNews Twitter
  • Sophomore Miki Hall, Superior,  Radio/Podcast News Feature, “StuCo”
  • Freshman William Pellant, Superior, Radio/Podcast News Feature, “YouTube”
  • Seniors Bailee Treat, Maddi Caton and Orlando Quintana, Excellent, Online Feature Package, “Hometown Student Big City Model”
  • Junior Chris Winegarner and seniors Allee Armitage and Max Gruschka, Excellent, Online Op-Ed Package, “Will OP’s New Policy Really Get Kids “Unplugged”?”
  • Sophomore Jessica Begley, Excellent, Radio/Podcast News Feature,  “Color Guard”
  • Sophomore Lejla Tenic, Excellent, Radio/Podcast News Feature, “Mermaid”
  • Junior Aurora Riley, Honorable Mention, Diversity Online, “Spread the love”
  • Freshmen Malea Biswell and Grace Burns, Honorable Mention, Diversity Online,  “Bilingual students of OP”
  • Sophomore Andrew Nichols, Honorable Mention, Radio/Podcast News Feature, “Suicide Squad”


  • N2 staff:, OP seniors Brett Felten and Blake Jones, OP sophomore Austin Fiedler, Winnetonka seniors Westly Bertha and Glarsnel Estiven, and Winnetonka juniors Justin Hanson and Daniel Newbury, All-Missouri, Live Sports Broadcast, NKC for the Win
  • N2 staff: OP seniors Brett Felten and Blake Jones, OP sophomore Austin Fiedler, Winnetonka seniors Westly Bertha and Glarsnel Estiven, and Winnetonka juniors Justin Hanson and Daniel Newbury, Excellent, Live Sports Broadcast, OP at NKC Boys
  • N2 staff: Winnetonka junior Daniel Newbury, OP seniors Blake Jones, Marckson Francois and Tevon Taylor, Staley junior Dalton Cox, Staley senior Garrison Brown, OP junior Preston Kinsman, Honorable Mention, Live Sports Broadcast, Last Second Victory

In addition to the competitions, students had their choice of more than 30 class sessions taught by award-winning journalists, MU journalism professors, advisers and others. A trade show included the True/False Film Fest and other yearbook vendors. Students also heard about the importance of separating personal politics from their work as journalists from keynote speaker John Beaudoin of KC Communications & Media Matters.

At the afternoon awards ceremony, MIPA recognized OP journalism teacher and MIPA president Christina Geabhart as this year’s Knight Award recipient for service to scholastic journalism and First Amendment freedoms.