SO heads to State for first time in 5 years


Science Olympiad team competed at the Science Olympiad Regional Tournament, facing teams from a six-county area.  First, the team qualified for State as a team for the first time in five years.  According to coach Chris Goll, the team was elated and celebrated their success.  Next, 13 of the 15 kids on the team got up on the awards stage by placing in the top 5.

The following OP kids placed in the top 5 in their events:

  • Mawada Eskandar and Hannah Frazier: 5th in Materials Science
  • Sabrina Foster and Nina Kutensky: 5th in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Maria Castro and Sophia Hull: 4th in Electric Vehicle
  • Hull and Castro: 4th in Robot Arm
  • Emily Hilderbrand and Kutensky: 4th in Helicopters
  • Foster and Kylelynn Gallagher: 3rd place in Ecology
  • Hull and Amira Nuur: 3rd place in Hovercraft
  • Erica Dykes and Hannah Frazier: 2nd in Chemistry Lab
  • Hilderbrand and Mawada Eskandar: 2nd in Game On
  • Dykes and Leanna Borgeson: 2nd place in Rocks and Minerals
  • Hannah Frazier and Rhayne Kitzman: 2nd in Hydrogeology
  • And Regional Champions in Dynamic Planet: Dykes and Anne Hughes

In addition, Caitlin Anderson and Alan Scalzi gave expert help on the team, but were just outside on placing in their respective events.  And, Malaina Curtiss and Sam Thomas came along as expert alternates, lending support to the team throughout the day.

Last, Goll was honored as an “Outstanding Coach” in Region 3 for Science Olympiad, and honor which he gladly shares with his assistant coach, Michael Gier.

The State Science Olympiad Tournament will be Saturday, April 8 at Westminster University in Fulton, Mo.