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What is Solfége

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There different ways that music is taught. Solfége is the studying of singing and syllables.

Sophomore Liyah Tamayo said, “They are different octaves going up and down the scale like doe, rey, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do; it gets higher as it goes.”

Sight reading is reading music from the scale without any preparation. It all can differ of levels, depending weather people study hard or not.

Katherine Reyes
Student teacher Peacher taught women’s choir giving them a session of solfége.

“It’s still hard for me but I can do it a little bit, I have to run through sight-reading a few time, it doesn’t take me that long and Mr. D [vocal music teacher Chris Droegemueller] will say ‘yeah, you’re great,'” said senior Sydney Bock.

Though out of 174 student charts, only 43.7 percent of them know what sight reading is. Only 37.9 percent of 174 students know how to sight read while hand signing.

What is hand signing?

Katherine Reyes
Emily Wittle volunteered to sight read with hand signing in front of the class.

The definition maybe simple but the real thing is a lot of practice. As you are sight-reading, you form the hands into shapes that symbolize the music.


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