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Sadie Earns Mixed Reviews


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I heard many different opinions on Sadie’s of 2017, some people had a great time and others well, it was the complete opposite.

Sophomore Sami Gumenik said, “I had a good time. Just sick lol.”

Sophomore Paeton Bickett said, “it was alright I guess. I didn’t dance. music was kind of dumb.”

So those are the people who didn’t have such a “fly” night, get it because it was superhero theme? Now the people who had a very “marvelous” night, hey look I did it again. Get it because Marvel? Ha-ha I’m not very funny.

Freshman Gaby Milan said, “It was really fun.”

So there were many different opinions on Sadie’s. There were many great pictures taken that night and everyone looked wonderful, if you didn’t have a good time I hope you do next year



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