Split (2017) Movie Review

Split (2017) Movie Review

Abigail Clapham and Hullale Khizapour



Three teenage girls are abducted by a man that has 23 split personalities inhabiting one body. They are taken back to his home which seems to be underground. Through the trials of being abducted they girls figure out he has more than one personality. The figure out one of them is a 9-year-old boy, another an older woman who is nice to them, and the first one, “Dennis” who was the one that abducted them. Through the movie you figure out there are more people that have multiple personalities and that “Dennis” has a shrink he goes and talks to and who knows most of his personalities. Later in the movie, you learn “Dennis” is worse than first thought, and the girls have to try and make it out alive.


I thought the movie was something else, a type of movie I’ve never seen before. The plot was completely original and there’s not a movie like it. The actors were not as well known but still did a very good job. From the movie trailers, it looks like it could be a scary movie but to me it wasn’t scary until the very end. The middle was more of a thriller and shocking nothing major. But it wasn’t just a thriller, it also made me laugh and sympathize with the main character, Casey, who was one of the girls that gets abducted. I would definitely recommend it. 9/10.

While mental divisions of those with identity disorder have long fascinated and eluded science, it’s believed that some can manifest unique physical attributes for each personality. Main character, Kevin, has evidenced 23 different personalities to his psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher. Throughout the movie, 3 of Kevin’s personalities come to the light and take over Kevin’s body.  Hedwig, Dennis, and Patricia. Dennis abducted three teenage girls led by the brave, observant Casey. Kevin’s 20 other personalities send emergency emails to Dr. Fletcher. Later coming to realization that Kevin is coming up with a 24th personality. Throughout the movie Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of his personalities contained within him.

My Opinion

I LOVED Split. Thought the genre of the movie is horror/thriller, there were many times that I busted out laughing due to Hedwig, one of Kevin’s personalities that is 9 years-old. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments where I was plugging my ears to save myself from a jump scare but it all evens out. Split will have you at the edge of your seat, in suspense. I recommend this movie 101%.