Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

Maddi Caton, Axe producer


Overview: Rogue one is actually a prequel to the original Star Wars movie, “A New Hope”. It follows the story of the team of rebels that steal the plans to the Death Star, a planet destroying weapon created by Darth Vader and the Empire. The story takes place directly prior to A New Hope, so it isn’t as early a prequel as the 2000 prequels created by George Lucas.


Review: From an outsider’s standpoint, the movie was somewhat confusing. Going into the movie I understood it was a prequel and had a general sense of what was happening, but it was still very confusing. They breezed over important plot points and that made it hard to follow. Also, the casting was remarkably similar to the casting of Star Wars’ 2015 movie “The Force Awakens”. The characters looked like replicas of the main characters from the last movie so it was difficult understanding their story and their background. I also think the directors could have done a better job introducing the characters. It took me a while to learn the names of some of the main characters and I still don’t know the names of some. If they really wanted me to connect to their deaths, it would have been more advantageous for them to give their characters good introductions so the viewer can feel a true connection. Again, these are all opinions from a viewer not too involved in the Star Wars series. If I were to judge it as a stand-alone movie, it was confusing. But hearing from true Star Wars fans, it was probably a good prequel.