What The Bot?

What exactly is going on with the new robotics project?

What The Bot?

Katherine Reyes and Skylar

Robotics has a new task for their club, a 3D printer arrived last year, it cost $600 a year for materials. How does this machine work?


  1. A network cable connects to a school computer. A software program (inventor program and Catalyst EX) and takes a print off ideas onto paper.
  2. Then plastic, in this case; ABS (-Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is melted and manipulated to build an object. This kind of plastic is stronger than most, as Hannah Nichols gave a tour and small break down, she grasped one of the projects and pulled with medium forced and the object showed no vulnerability.

3.For complicated structures that may have layers, has to be supported while being in their building process. For example, if a hallow box was in the process of being made; the box has to have pillars or something to hold it together. To get the support off they soak the object in a machine and add a solution that dissolves the support beams.






Picture on left is the 3D water soluble filament machine and one on the right is the 3D printer.  






  1. The size of the object is dependent on the time.” It can take up to eight to forty-eight hours.” Mark Sharp; the Robotics Club teacher said.

Q:What is your most challenged object what you’ve made? or making?

A:“Our most challenging object we are going to print is in the works. It’s a 158-piece exoskeleton hand set.”

Currently the robotics team is making a robot, though there was no information exchanged, a picture was taken; this is the support to help with the molding process.


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*To look for more projects get connected and go to @BlueOnBlue_robo. On their twitter page!