Holiday Games


Bailee Treat

Are you having a holiday event this year? If you’re going to throw a holiday party, you might want to start thinking about some games to play. Below are some suggestions on what do play and details on how to play.


Secret Santa:

  1. Get the names of all the participants and put them in a hat or something to draw out of. Everyone gets to randomly draw names and the name you draw, you keep it a secret.
  2. Discuss a price limit. Under $20 is a great idea so each person can have a good gift that is around the same price range.
  3. Find out what the person that you drew the name for likes. You might want to know a little bit about each person before buying gifts.
  4. Decide what day you would like to give the gifts out in your group. Have people go in order and once everyone get their gifts, they can exchange if they want.



White Elephant:

  1. Each person brings some sort of wrapped gift to the party. You can regift things and bring them or you can pick a price limit so everyone gets the same quality of gifts.
  2. Each person draws a number. The number you get will determine what order you go in.
  3. Put all the gifts in the middle and everyone sits around the table of where the gifts are located.
  4. The person with #1 get to pick a gift first.
  5. The next player can either pick a gift off the table or steal the gift from the person. If he/she chooses to steal the gift, the person without a gift will go and pick a gift off the table. A gift can only be stolen once per turn.
  6. This continues with each person until everyone has a gift. After a gift gets stolen three times, then it is considered “retired.” This means that no one can longer steal that gift.


Stocking guessing game

  1. Gather random items and put them in a stocking.
  2. Once the stocking is stuff, tie it at the top so no one will be able to see inside.
  3. Pass the stocking around while sitting in a circle.
  4. People write what all they think is in there. The one with the most answers correct wins.