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Tips to acing the ACT

Mahlete Massa

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As juniors near the end of the year, time to prepare for the most important test of our young academic lives grows scarce. Most juniors opt to test in April, and it’s the perfect time to start prepping. Here are some simple tips:


USE YOUR RESOURCES: There are plenty of resources you can use to study for the ACT. Check out an ACT Prep book from the school library. Go online and see the never ending supply of practice tests you can study with.


DON’T WASTE TIME ON WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: Spending too much time on a single problem can keep you from tackling the rest of test. All the questions are weighted equally, so do the problems you can do on a good pace. Go back to the hard ones afterwards.


STAY CALM: As someone who suffers from major test anxiety, I can say for one that it is very important to not psych yourself out.


GET SOME SLEEP: It’s simple, yet so important; don’t show up to the ACT after staying up all night on a Netflix binge. Get some sleep, eat a decent breakfast, and show up prepared to get the best score possible.

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