Sandwich Strife

Winning Sandwich called Princess Panini, consisted of grilled chicken, sauted onions and green pepper, mozzerella cheese, white bread and basil aoili. Made by Courtney Calhoon, Jordan White, Elyssa Taylor, Emilio Shumate, and Remy Tran

ProStart 2 culinary class took a jab at mastering “The Sandwich.”

This year, foods teacher Sarah Lorenson and all of the district ProStart teachers decided to go about something new, “The Sandwich Shop.”

Students in the class had to make a sandwich shop that consisted of two hot sandwiches, two cold sandwiches, and two open-face sandwiches. The students had to make a PowerPoint presenting to the class how their shop is going to be. The PowerPoint consists of the name of the restaurant, the name of the sandwich and ingredients. Then after the PowerPoint, they made only one of the sandwiches.

Lorenson made it a competition. She split the students up into groups and the students were sent off to design it all without any help, it was only the students ideas. Each group gets a whole school block to create their sandwich and present it to Lorenson and the class. Lorenson then picks whose plate was the best presented.

So finally after a couple days of planning, Lorenson sent students off to create sandwiches. The sandwiches only took about an hour to cook. Then all the students took a seat as Lorenson scoped out the options.

As the intensity,increased Lorenson finally said, “As much as I my heart loves the team (Avery Donoho, Tyler Crowe and Scott) that made an Italian sandwich, I think this team (Remy Tran, Courtney Calhoon, Jordan White, Elyssa Taylor and Emilio Shumate) wins this round because they had everything I wanted, they had plating and great taste.”

As the winning team wailed the other teams whined in loss. It was in in good spirits and it was a great experience for all that were involved, it was even better for Lorenson, who got to eat the sandwiches.