Are You a Match?

How many people wish they had a way to help people, especially those who are sick?

While everyone was having fun at the homecoming game on Saturday, Sept. 17, Key Club was raising awareness for all the people who have been diagnosed with a blood cancer, like leukemia. They did this by helping an organization called Be the Match.

Be the Match is an organization that helped 6,300 people get a bone marrow transplant in 2014. One person is diagnosed with a blood disease every three minutes and only 30 percent of them have a bone marrow match in their family. The rest wait and hope for a stranger to be a match and save their life. These people depend on a bone marrow match to save their life.

Key Club and Be the Match had a table at the top of the hill and talked to people. Mallory Dameron, gifted teacher Lori Dameron’s daughter, was helping out by being a volunteer.

“It’s amazing now days what technology can do,” she said. A small sample can save someone’s life.

Those over the age of 18 could register and have their mouths swabbed to see if they were a match.