Holiday celebrations change from house to house

Christmas has been around for decades and over the years many families have switched things up and made Christmas special in their own way.

“We go to my grandma’s house and open presents youngest to oldest,” said junior Keith Boswell, whose family also started to go to Midnight Mass last year as well. “At my dad’s we just open presents all at once, the classic Christmas tradition.”

This time of year especially, people are very grateful to see relatives they usually don’t see and try to make the most of the family they usually won’t see for another year or so; you never realize how lucky you are to have your family until it’s limited to how much you can see them.

“I get to see all of my family, I don’t see some of them that much and it’s really great,” said freshman Dylan Connor, “we have a huge meal Christmas Eve and I get to see my grandparents.”

Not only does this holiday bring gifts and joy, but also families back together and just enjoy their time together. Everyone should savor the moments they have with their family around the holidays.

“We go to my aunts house and have a Santa party. All the kids get one present from ‘Santa,’” said freshman Elizabeth Quigley. “At my dad’s we always go to my grandma’s right before Christmas to open family presents every year. At my mom’s, we go to my other grandma’s on Christmas Eve every year to open family presents there too.”

Some people don’t necessarily have Christmas traditions or even celebrate Christmas and just look forward to the two-week break students get.