Tradition of pep rally continues

News Q&A by: Landon Thomas

Pep Rallies have been a tradition around Oak Park for many years now. They are used to promote the Homecoming game and strengthen school spirit. This year, senior Kelli Reichert, Oak Park’s student council president, is responsible for organizing and planning the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Northmen News: When and where is the Pep Rally going to be?

Senior Kelli Reichert: The Pep Rally is Friday, September 27, directly following the assembly by the tennis courts.

NN: What activities do you plan to have at the Homecoming Pep Rally?

KR: There is a pie in the face booth, an onion ring toss, a car smash, a bean bag toss, a dart game, a photo booth, and face painting.

NN: What is the cost of attending the Pep Rally?

KR: The only activities that cost, are the car smash, the pie in the face, both are a dollar per hit/throw, and NHS is selling Air Heads, that are two for a dollar.

NN: What are the challenges of planning a Pep Rally?

KR: Contacting and organizing all the clubs that participate in the Pep Rally. Also, finding a car for the car smash was very difficult.

NN: What are you looking forward to the most about the Pep Rally?

KR: I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement on the students faces at the Pep Rally.

NN: Why should students attend the Pep Rally?

KR: It’s a great way to be involved with the school, and to have fun.

Pep Rallies can be very difficult to plan and organize, but it is worth it in the end. There are a lot of factors and challenges that go in to setting up the Pep Rally but it accomplishes its goal of promoting Homecoming and strengthening school spirit.


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