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Spirit week sparks student interest

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Q&A by: Shelby Hart

From Monday, October 1 to Friday, October 5, students participated in spirit week to celebrate homecoming. The days were: Yacht Day, Tourist Tuesday, Highlighter Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Blue on Blue Day. Northmen News caught up with senior leadership student Abbey Henning, whose committee was in charge of spirit week, to ask about the days.

Northmen News: Why is spirit week so important?

Abbey Henning: “Spirit week is so important to OP because it’s an easy way for leadership to get the word out about the upcoming events and to get all the students who want to participate in school spirit to do so.”

NN: Which day was most successful and why?

AH: “I’d say Throwback was the most successful day, I’d walk through the hallways and it felt like I was in the movie ‘Back To The Future.’”

NN: Were any of the days done in the past?

AH: “We have repeated Tourist Day, Highlighter Day, and Blue on Blue, of course. But we try to find spirit days that are easy but fun to do.”

NN: Will any of the themes be repeated in the future?

AH: “Throwback will hopefully be repeated just because of the huge success in participation this year.”

NN: How was the theme of each day decided?

AH: “The themes are decided among the whole leadership class, but this year the OP cheerleaders asked to have Throwback Day so they could wear the old cheer uniforms.”


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The student news site of Oak Park High School
Spirit week sparks student interest