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2016-2017 Staff

Austin Glenn

J1 Writer

Hi my name is Austin. Im a freshmen and im 14 years old. A lot of people tell me I look older than I really am. I took journalism beacause I like finding out what people around the world think about certain topics.

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Jordan Deng

J1 Writer

Hi, I’m Jordan Deng I am a sophomore J1 writer. I like to hoop and eat pizza rolls.

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Katherine Reyes

J1 Writer

My name is Katherine Reyes. I am 16 years old and a sophomore. Something I often tell people is, no I was not held back. Where I lived, the cut off date to be in kindergarten was July 28, and my birthday is Aug. 2. I say that...

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Kloe Gray

J1 Writer

Hi I’m Kloe. I’m in journalism 1 because I thought this would be something fun; and it could help me with my spelling and writing.

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Julia George

J1 Writer

I can be funny, but it depends on your sense of humor. I am somewhere between energetic and lazy. I have a big imagination and I can pretty much dream up anything. I have a lot of great idea,s but most of them don’t see the...

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Sienna Elbeck

J1 Writer

I joined journalism because I like writing; and also want to be a better writer than I already am. I hope I can be more confident in my writing and also be less nervous with interviewing people.

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Dom Bailey

J1 Writer

I chose to join journalism because I love to report. Also, because I really wanted to learn how to compose a story.

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Wesley Russell

J1 Writer

My name is Wes Russell, and I am a freshman at Oak Park. I also play on the baseball team, and I am looking forward to making new friends at Oak Park!

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Chloe Gillespie

J1 Writer

I took journalism because I like to interview people, not so much writing stories, but I really like hearing people's opinions on things.

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Erik Kellgren

J1 Writer

Hi, I’m Erik Hellgren. I am 15 years old. I am a freshman at Oak Park. I am a J1 writer; and I like sports.

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Isaac FogertyJ

J1 Writer

My name is Sean Isaac Fogerty, and I am a writer.

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Luci Conkling

Web Editor

Junior Luci Conkling is enjoying her first year as the Web Editor for Northmen News. When she isn’t writing articles, she enjoys taking pictures of all the fun happenings going around OP.

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Safia Mohamed

J1 writer and broadcaster

I’m in journalism because I want to take pictures and learn more about others. I have three things I want to be when I grow up. My number one thing to do is be an animal rescuer and my second is photographer. So as long as I...

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Malea Biswell

J1 writer

Hi! My name is Malea Biswell; and I am a writer for NorthmanNews and for The Northmen's Log magazine. I’m very excited to be on the staff this year, and I hope you enjoy my future stories.

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Skylar Perry


Hi, I’m Skylar and I like to take pictures, which is the reason I'm on the Log.

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Sarah White


My name is Sarah White and I am a senior this year. I love photography because it allows me to capture the moment. The newspaper is fun to take pictures for because everyone gets to see images of what goes on at Oak Park.

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Schooner Winegarner

Working Dog

Hi, I’m Schooner! I’m going to be five years old this year! I work for Chris Winegarner and come to school with him every day. I will be assisting him in his work for the magazine. I love coming to school and can’t wait...

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Chris Winegarner


Hello! I am a Junior here at Oak Park and am excited to be working on the magazine for the first time this year! I really enjoy writing, but after taking Journalism I Photography last year, I also began to enjoy photography. I...

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Aurora Riley


I’m Aurora Riley, a photographer for the Oak Park magazine and website. I fell in love with photography last year in journalism one. I like to read and ice skate in my free time. Thanks for visiting Oak Park’s news page.

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Alex Beshears

J1 Writer

Alex Beshears is a senior at Oak Park. Currently he is 17 years old and is interested in journalism just for the fun of it. He prefers taking photos and learning how to manipulate a camera more than he does interviews. Alex is...

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Courtney Calhoon


Senior Courtney Calhoon, Newspaper staff I am a senior at Oak Park High School. I joined the newspaper to get a English credit and ended up falling in love with the environment and the people. I love writing and learning...

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Richard Hiler

J2 Writer

My name is Richard Hiler. People call me Rich. I was born in South Korea, Seoul. The reason I am in journalism is because it was my back up class I original chose art. But I figured I may like it so that’s why it’s my...

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Grace Burns

J1 Writer

I’m Grace Burns. I am 14 years old. I’m a freshman here at Oak Park. I play softball and track and I have three little brothers. I have never done anything like a journalism class before. I thought it would be cool and...

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Dakota Ake

Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

This is my second year on the Northmen’s Log and I am one of the two editors-in-chief for this year. I have always enjoyed writing and being on staff is a chance for me to advance my writing skills even further.

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Mina Buchholz


I’m Mina Buchholz, a sophomore at Oak Park. This is my first year on the Log, but second in journalism, and I also play golf, participate in Art Club, Scholar Bowl and the Blue Ink Society, and am a programmer on a community...

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Bailee Treat

Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

My name is Bailee Treat and I started journalism last year. I like to write stories, but I mainly love to design. It’s a great way to feature stories and pictures in the correct environment. By designing a good package, it makes...

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Remy Tran


I have been on staff for 3 years. (1 yearbook and 2 newspaper) I have always enjoyed designing and being on staff lets you be creative.

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